Sleep Better with the Right Pillow: Avoid These 6 Common Mistakes for Proper Pillow Placement and Posture at York Rehab Clinic

6 Common Mistakes to Place the Pillow That Affect Your Posture and Sleep Quality 😴

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6 Common Mistakes to Place the Pillow That Affect Your Posture and Sleep Quality 😴

Did you know that the position of your pillow is just as important as the position you sleep in? At York Rehab Clinic, we want you to get the best possible rest every night, so we’ve put together a list of 6 common pillow mistakes to avoid

1️⃣ Pillow under the shoulders

Placing your pillow under your shoulders can cause it to flatten and not properly support your neck and head.

Pillow under the shoulders

2️⃣ Neck out of pillow

On the other hand, if your pillow doesn’t support your neck, you risk waking up with a stiff neck or other discomforts.

Neck out of pillow

3️⃣ Pillow on the headboard

Placing your pillow vertically on the headboard can cause muscle tension and cervical pain.

Pillow on the headboard

4️⃣ Arm under the head or under the pillow

Though it might feel cozy, placing your arm under your head or pillow twists your shoulders and can lead to misalignment of your spine.

Arm under the head or under the pillow

5️⃣ Pillow along the body

Hugging your pillow might feel good, but if it’s not properly supporting your neck and head, it’s not doing its job.

Pillow along the body

6️⃣ Double pillows

Folding your pillow in half or using two pillows can lead to widespread malaise due to improper alignment of your neck and spine.

Double pillows

So, how should you position your pillow? Whether you sleep on your side or back, your pillow should ideally support your neck and head in the center. Follow these three rules for a proper pillow placement:

1️⃣ Keep your pillow horizontal and don’t bend or deform it.

2️⃣ Place your shoulders directly on the mattress.

3️⃣ Check that your pillow touches your neck for proper support.

If you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep, it could be due to an improper sleeping position. At York Rehab Clinic, we provide you the proper Pillow to address your unique needs.
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