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When you’re looking for a treatment that will relieve some of your bodily pain and put you in a state of ultimate relaxation, acupuncture is the thing for you. Here at York Rehab Clinic, our health experts can perform this service in a professional and highly effective manner. Getting rid of stress and pain has never been easier than with this procedure.

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What is it?

Acupuncture is a very old treatment, dating back thousands of years. It is a type of traditional Chinese medicine that focuses on bringing the energy flow of the body back. It is based on the idea that there are blockages within the pathway of the body that stop energy from flowing through the body effectively. The thin needles are supposed to target specific points on the skin that restore the flow of the body’s energy. This increase in energy flow can also help with healing and make you feel at peace.

There are many possibilities as to why acupuncture is so effective. It is most commonly thought that it boosts the autonomic nervous system (the system which is in control of bodily function) and releases chemicals that stabilize blood pressure and reduce inflammation.

What Can It Be Used to Treat?

Acupuncture is used for a number of physical ailments, and can simply be used to give yourself an energy boost or spend some time in complete relaxation. Regardless of your reasons for undergoing the treatment, here are some common conditions that it can work on:

Painful PMS
Morning sickness
High or low blood pressure
Tension headaches & migraines
Dental pain
Lower back pain
Certain gastric disorders
Knee pain

Acupuncture has also been believed to treat other more serious ailments, but there is not enough substantial evidence to prove that it can as of yet.

What Are the Advantages to Using It?

You may be surprised to discover that acupuncture helps with a large number of issues across the board. Mentally and physically, this treatment is a great way to help you recover from problems and live your life with more balance. Some of the benefits include:

Helps patients who cannot use pain meds
Lowers stress & anxiety levels
Increases patience
Makes you feel energized & ready for the day ahead
Helps you sleep longer
100% safe when implemented correctly
Boosts the immune system
Enhances mood
Stabilizes blood pressure
Few side effects
Helps relieve certain types of pain

Treatment includes:

  1. Initial Visit (60 minutes):
    Assessment + Treatment
  2. Follow Up Visit (45 minutes):
    Including but not limited to:

    • Traditional acupuncture treatment + Soft tissue therapy
    • Traditional acupuncture treatment + Cupping therapy
    • Facial rejuvenation acupuncture + Neck & head muscles release

How Our Clinic Can Help

Here at York Rehab Clinic, we implement acupuncture treatment so that it is 100% safe, professional and effective. Our practitioners will work closely with you, having an initial consultation to rule out what procedure plan is best for you and your health. If you seem to spend most of your time stressing out or feeling sore, acupuncture goes a long way in helping you feel like your normal self again. To learn more about this service or the many others we offer at our clinic, be sure to call our front desk at (416) 350-1940 today! We look forward to speaking with you.

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