Laser Therapy

What is Laser Therapy? Laser therapy (AKA low-level laser therapy) is a medical procedure that uses focused beams of light to stimulate a process known as PBM (photobiomodulation).

During this phase, the interaction between the laser photons and your cytochrome c complex creates a decrease in pain & muscle spasms. It also boosts the circulation to the injured tissues and rapidly increases cell production, helping your injuries heal faster, so you can feel better sooner. What Are The Advantages? There are a number of different benefits to undergoing laser therapy, especially when performed by the professionals here at York Rehab Clinic.

A few of these advantages are: FDA-approved 100% non-invasive & non-toxic Highly effective treatment overall Stimulates both lymph & blood circulation Zero negative side effects Rapid cell growth reduces inflammation stimulates reconnection of nerve cells (in some cases recovering numb spots) Heals wounds faster cure rate currently exceeds 95% Can, in some cases, prevent the need for surgery What Conditions Can Be Treated? Since laser therapy is such a revolutionary treatment for healing a number of different physical problems across the board, it treats a number of specific conditions including but not limited to: Soft tissue injuries Fibromyalgia Joint problems Back pain Arthritis Muscle strains Carpal tunnel syndrome Chronic pain syndrome Bursitis Plantar fasciitis Tendinitis Tennis elbow And more How Our Clinic Can Help Take it from us — dealing with pain, chronic or mild, is not ideal.

Going about your everyday tasks can be more exhausting, annoying, and overall pointless when you do not have the physical means to complete them. Here at York Rehab Clinic, we want to see you thrive. This means providing you with treatments that transform the way you feel in your body.

With our years of experience, we have all the skills necessary to implement a plan that works for you and your health & wellness needs.

To find out more about our services and how our team can help you feel your best, be sure to call us at (416) 350-1940 today. We look forward to hearing from you!