Osteopathy treatment in scapula mobilization in patients with shoulder pain

The scapula (or shoulder blade) is a triangle-shaped bone that is located in the upper portion of the back and serves as an attachment point for 17 neck, shoulder, and trunk muscles. Occasionally, restricted or dysfunctional scapular movement can limit your available shoulder range of motion or make movement painful. Scapular mobilization involves applying direct pressure to the shoulder blade by an Osteopath in an effort to restore normal movement in the scapula. These forces can be gentle and back and forth in motion or more forceful and held longer, depending on the type of mobilization technique being performed. To perform this hands-on technique, the therapist typically positions you on your side with your arm resting on your own arm at a 90-degree angle. Using their hands to cup the borders of the scapula, your osteopath will typically move the bone in several different directions (up and down, forward and backward, or in a circular pattern). If you are dealing with the frustration of shoulder pain or stiffness, be sure to speak to York Rehab Clinic about your condition. Phone: 416-350-19940 Clinic Location:10825 Yonge St Unit 5, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3E3