Soft Tissue techniques for rotator cuff muscles injury

A rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint, keeping the head of the upper arm bone firmly within the shallow socket of the shoulder. A rotator cuff injury can cause a dull ache in the shoulder that worsens at night. Rotator cuff injuries are common and increase with age. Osteopathy can improve the flexibility and strength of the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint. For many people with rotator cuff problems, osteopathy is all that’s needed to manage their symptoms. Active-release technique works on scar tissue, which is the body’s natural response to any kind of pain. In most cases, all types of soft-tissue injuries can benefit from the active-release technique. One common condition that ART can help is shoulder pain. Active release technique is a soft-tissue therapy that helps to restore motion, and flexibility and reduces pain in the muscles, ligaments, fascia, and tendons. It is one of the most effective treatment methods for treating back pain, headaches and migraines, neck pain, sciatica pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain among other joints and muscle pains. Active release technique has become one of the most recommended treatment methods for chronic pains. Whether you are experiencing back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain, visit York Rehab Clinic for top-quality treatment. At our clinic, we understand the burdens of living with shoulder pain. Through our trained practitioners, we will be able to relieve the pain in a short period of time. With our proven treatment methods, we can use to ensure that your shoulder pain is healed completely. Call us today and start living a life without pain. Phone: 416-350-19940 Clinic Location:10825 Yonge St Unit 5, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3E3