Ali Saadati

Ali Saadati

Registered Manual Osteopath, Occupational Therapist & Physiotherapist (International)


Registered Manual Osteopath
Occupational Therapist & Physiotherapist (International)



Meet Ali

“After graduating in rehabilitation science with B.Sc. M.Sc. and PhD degree in 1991, 1999 and 2013, Ali Saadati has been graduated in manual osteopathy at National Academy of Osteopathy of Canada in 2020. ”

He continued his education by taking numerous courses in Electro therapy, laser therapy and therapeutic ultrasound. With more than 2 decades of experiences as a rehabilitation therapist (OT & PT), Ali works as a registered manual osteopathic practitioner in Ontario. His unique practice approach is to combine multiple non-invasive therapies into a unique and individualized care plan for each and every patient.

Ali is a spine & musculoskeletal expert who strives to improve your body function and movement in a maximum range of motion by treating different conditions in spine, neck, shoulder, hip, sacroiliac, knee and foot.

By using different methods of manual therapy and other modalities like laser, ultrasound and electrotherapy, Ali has treated successfully a wide array of spinal conditions, shoulder impingements and rotator cuff injuries. His range of skills have resulted in the treatments of multiple headache and migraine, back pain, sciatica, pelvis- hip-knee & ankle pain, and chronic pain patients.