Knee Decompression Therapy in Richmond Hill

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Getting older can come with a multitude of health issues, and one of them is knee problems. You may even experience knee problems at a younger age whether it is due to injury, strenuous exercise or genetics. Regardless of the reason, when you are looking for a way to relieve some of that chronic knee pain, we here at York Rehab Clinic can help with our knee decompression treatments. This procedure is done in a way that revitalizes the knee joints and brings more mobility back into your life.

What Is It / How Does It Work?

Knee decompression is performed by separating the joint bones within the knee, promoting pain relief, tissue growth and increased mobility. With the help of a special system, the device works carefully & gently to increase space between the lower end of the femur and the top of the shin bone. This pocket that is created lets more nutrients enter the area and encourages healing through the stretched tissue that lies around the joint.

What Should I Expect?

Knee Decompression Therapy Richmond Hill OnOn average, sessions will usually last for five to ten minutes, making it a quick procedure that is easy to put into your busy schedule. When you enter for an appointment, you will be seated on a chair with the knees bent, then the decompression device is wrapped over the thigh and below the knee that needs treatment. The practitioner will then control the device to ensure that the separation intensity is adjusted to the patient’s needs. People who undergo this treatment will more than likely experience positive results right after or soon after it is completed. This, of course, gives one the opportunity to recover & heal faster than with other treatments.

What Problems Does It Treat?

With how specific the treatment of knee decompression is, you may be surprised to find how many conditions it can help with. Some of these include:

Knee sprains or strains
Meniscus tears
Strains or tears to certain ligaments
Degeneration of the knee joint
Bakers cysts
And more

What Are the Benefits?

As previously mentioned, some of the benefits of this treatment include:

Increased mobility
Reduced pain in the knees
The ability to exercise with less pain
Reduced knee inflammation

Transform Your Health Today

Here at York Rehab Clinic, we want what’s best for you and your body. This means providing you with the best wellness services in the GTA and bringing your body back to life. Regardless of your issue, our team of professional practitioners will work hard to come up with the right plan for you and your body. Through an initial assessment, we will make sure that your treatment is executed in the most effective way for your needs.

If you would like to learn more about our knee decompression therapy services, be sure to call our team at (416) 350-1940 for more information. We look forward to speaking with you, and helping in every way we can!

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