Spinal Decompression Therapy in Richmond Hill

Back pain can be extremely debilitating, especially if it’s constant. Not only is the pain hard to manage, but the limit in mobility doesn’t help much either. In general, back pain makes things in life much more difficult to accomplish. Everyday tasks become more difficult, and it can be exhausting to try and go about your day with this problem. Because of this, many people are constantly trying to find the right solution.

Spinal Decompression Therapy Richmond Hill

Luckily, here at York Rehab Clinic, we offer spinal decompression therapy to help with debilitating back pain. This treatment is non-invasive and drug free, making it safe with little to no recovery time. In fact, most people who undergo this treatment feel the results soon or immediately after its completion, making it the perfect solution when you’re in need of instant pain relief.

What Is It / How Does It Work?

As you get older, the discs of your spine lose fluid and start to shift closer together. This means you have less protection between the bones in your spine, putting your back at risk of more pain, stiffness and overall discomfort.

Spinal Decompression MachineSpinal decompression therapy is a motorized therapy that gently stretches out the spine. It is done on a table where you are strapped into a harness that wraps around the lower part of your back. The forces of this therapy create a decompression of the spine, making it easier for blood to flow and nutrient absorption to take place. It also allows fluid to reenter your spines discs, repairing your discs and healing your back in the process. Usually each treatment will last about 15-30 minutes, making it an easy procedure to fit into your tight schedule. In addition, no recovery time is required meaning you can go back to your day like nothing happened, feeling a relief of pain and discomfort soon after treatment.

What Can It Treat?

Spinal decompression can help with most spinal disc conditions, including:

Bulging discs
Degenerative discs (often age related)
Herniated discs

It can also help with other conditions, like:

Back or neck pain
Spinal arthritis
Worn spinal joints
Nerve root pressure

What Are Its Benefits?

Over the years, people have noticed a lot of positive results with spinal decompression therapy. Some of these benefits include:

High effectiveness
Pain-free treatment
Long term results
No medication required
Better posture
Fast results

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