Massage Therapy: Benefits for Seniors

Massage Therapy: Benefits for Seniors

In general, massage therapy is a great way to reduce bodily pain & discomfort. When you’re a senior, however, the benefits are even more important.

As you age your bones and muscles become weaker, and in result, increase your risk of certain physical conditions. Things such as joint inflammation, arthritis or osteoporosis are just a few of the many ailments that may come with old age. When you are diagnosed with these conditions, you will feel a lot of discomfort and pain which can often make it difficult to live your everyday life. Luckily, there are treatments that are available to help alleviate or completely rid your body of this soreness. Here at York Rehab Clinic, we would like to explain the advantages of undergoing massage therapy as a senior. 

It Improves Circulation

Unfortunately, poor circulation in seniors both male and female are quite common. This is most often due to the more sedentary lifestyle they live or other conditions such as diabetes and higher blood pressure. When you suffer from poor circulation, you deal with a number of bodily pains and cramps due to the body being unable to carry around nutrients effectively.

When you undergo massage therapy, it increases the movement of blood throughout certain areas of the body that were once partially blocked or completely restricted. When the blood begins to flow more efficiently, the body begins to revitalize itself and function at a much better level than ever before.

It Reduces Arthritis Pains

Did you know that there are hundreds of arthritis conditions that people suffer from every year? It also happens to be an extremely common problem, which is why there should be treatments available that can help subside some of the pain. Due to the immense discomfort that comes with arthritis, many people find otherwise normal, easy to do tasks almost impossible. Activities can become a struggle, and things as simple as getting the groceries can become extremely difficult to navigate. 

Massage therapy works as a great way to reduce the pain and discomfort one would feel with arthritis. Studies have been shown to prove that with a trained massage therapy specialist (like the ones here at York Rehab Clinic), massage therapy can manage arthritis discomfort & pain, leading to better flexibility of the body. 

It Increases Flexibility

As we previously mentioned, massage therapy is a great way to increase overall flexibility of the body — not just from arthritis pain, but in general! As people age, muscles tend to become more rigid and tight due to the weakening of the bones/muscles and the limited amount of movement made throughout the day. When you undergo massage therapy, a specialist will work to loosen those tight muscles and joints. This loosening of the muscles leads to increased mobility and better flexibility overall.

Helps With Dementia & Alzheimer’s

Since these diseases tend to mess with the cognitive function of the brain, massage therapy works well at increasing overall awareness of pains & problems within the body. This, in turn, generates an increase in knowledge and a decrease in worriedness or confusion. Massage therapy is something that takes care of the body, reducing stress and any type of strain on the body. When you’re suffering from something as serious as dementia or Alzheimer’s, treatments like these can help with not only the physical aspect of your condition, but the mental and emotional aspect as well.

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