Osteopathy for knee pain injuries


Osteopathy for knee pain injuries

An osteopath can use a variety of methods to treat knee pain and injuries, including:

1. Soft tissue manipulation: This involves applying pressure to muscles, tendons, and ligaments around the knee joint to reduce tension and improve flexibility.

2. Knee Decompression (Traction): is a safe and non-invasive treatment method that uses new technology to relieve knee pain by reducing pressure on the joint and promoting healing.

3. Joint mobilization: This involves moving the knee joint gently and rhythmically to improve its range of motion and reduce pain.

4. Stretching and strengthening exercises: These exercises can help improve knee function by increasing flexibility and building strength in the muscles around the joint.

5. Myofascial release: This technique involves applying gentle sustained pressure to the fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds muscles and other tissues, to reduce tension and pain.

6. Trigger point therapy: This involves applying pressure to specific points in the muscles around the knee joint that are causing pain or discomfort, to relieve tension and improve blood flow.

At York Rehab Clinic, our osteopaths will personalize the treatment approach based on the specific needs and condition of each patient. We may use a combination of methods to achieve the best possible outcome and help patients get back to optimal health.

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