Back Pain – Why It Happens & What to Do About It

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Back Pain – Why It Happens & What to Do About It

Chances are you have dealt with back pain at least once in your life. Luckily, if it only occurs occasionally you don’t have much to worry about. When it becomes something that is more constant or increases in severity, however, that’s when you know you may be in need of some medical assistance, osteopathy services or some simple tips and tricks for prevention.

Here at York Rehab Clinic, we have come up with all the information you need to know about back pain, including things you can do to prevent/treat this type of pain.

Back Pain Causes

There are a number of reasons as to why back pain is such a problem in today’s world. A few of these reasons are:

  • Little to no movement: A lifestyle with barely any exercise or movement is becoming the norm with the advancements in technology and the “work at home” movement. Even if you aren’t working from home, you’ll be spending lots of time at the office sitting, then a bunch more time sitting on the bus or train getting to and from work. Then, when you go home to relax for the day you sit on your couch to watch some TV. It is very easy to overlook just how much you stay still throughout the day, and this lack of movement can cause back pain issues down the road.
  • Lack of understanding: Back pain is seen as a bigger issue due to the lack of knowledge about it as well. A lot of people don’t know much about the different types and severities of back pain, and in turn fear that it will affect them long term (which in most cases it does not) .

What You Can Do

Even with this lack of awareness about back pain, there are many things you can do to gain a better understanding and minimize your back pain or get rid of it altogether. Some of the tips we recommend are:

  • Posture: This factor will greatly affect how your back heals or how it gets worse. The way we sit and stand are often things we don’t focus on, but it is very important we do. When you are working at your office space, ensure you are sitting in an ergonomic chair. If you are not, use a cushion to ensure you are not hunching your back, straining it even more. When you maintain a good posture throughout your day (whether at work or not) you increase your chances of feeling better faster.
  • Move more: The best way to help minimize your back pain is by moving as much as possible. This means getting into the habit of getting up and moving for five minutes every hour at This will promote blood flow to the area, helping it heal faster. The longer you stay still, the longer your back pain will stay.
  • Sleep: When you do not get the proper amount of sleep, it can mess with the brains ability to deal with pain. The ideal sleeping position for those who suffer with back pain is sleeping on your back. If this position is uncomfortable, try putting a pillow between or underneath your legs.
  • Exercise: In addition to moving every hour, exercise is also an extremely important thing to do. When you maintain a regular exercise pattern, you improve your sleep patterns, reduce pain and boost digestion. There are a bunch of other positives that come along with exercise, so there is really no reason to avoid it! An easy way to get exercise is by going outside and walking for thirty minutes a day. This will keep your blood flowing, ease the pressure on your joints and in turn reduce the amount of back pain you feel.

How We Can Help

When you are suffering with back pain and need a solution that works effectively and quickly, we here at York Rehab Clinic can help with that. Our professionals offer Osteopathy in Richmond Hill that greatly improves your healing process and minimizes any pain you may be feeling. Regardless of what type of bodily pain, chances are our staff can help with our wide number of treatments available. To learn more about our clinic, be sure to call us at (416) 350-1940 today!